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A couple months ago we got the privilege to work with Matt Pippin at Ohio Luxury Lodging! We first met Matt back in October to shoot a promo video for the lodges and cabins . The video was to promote the amazing many luxurious lodges and the experience it offers. We were instantly amazed with the property and the staff as soon as we pulled into the drive way! Every one was so nice! They showed us around and made us feel at home. The lodges are perfect for families or large groups! Check out the video below to see for yourself!

When my crew and I begin filming, we were having so much fun, it didn’t feel like work at all. The experience made it feel like the prefect vacation for me and my team.


As the first day of the shoot winded down, Ohio Luxury Lodging let my crew and I stay the night at the lodge. We headed over to the home theater and snuggled into the massive bean bag chairs. It was the best thing ever! We were having a blast!!

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We started the next day exploring the trails around! The weather was absolutely perfect and the company was even better. Matt took us to several different cabins & lodges and some of the best trails for hiking and exploring. All of the properties were incredible; huge kitchens and living room spaces, several bedrooms, pools, hot tubs, and more! They all have amazing views.


Ohio Luxury Lodging love the video promo we produce and we loved the experience so much we offered to film another promo for another one of their locations. This stay was a little more pleasure than business. On our second stay with Ohio Luxury Lodging we stayed at Rush Resort, We were ready to experience it all over again! Our mouths dropped as soon as we entered. We had most of our usual friends there with us. On the first day we took advantage of the spacious hot tub, game room & movie theater.

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Our second night we decided to have “fancy night”. Italian food, poker and some twisting and twirling. Oh, and of course wine! Rock House was only about 10 minutes away from this luxurious area so our last day we decided to go on a quick hike, instantly realizing how out of shape we were (well at least me). We would like to thank Matt & Ohio Luxury Lodging for making everything so easy and fun for us, we had a great weekend; definitely something we will always cherish. If you are planning a family vacation, anniversary getaway or just a nice little weekend vacation with a group of friends Ohio Luxury Lodging is definitely the way to go.


Blog post by: Katia Craig & Kodjo Somana