“Meggie York-Better Off” Music Video Production

It’s been a pleasure working with Meggie York on her new music video “Better Off” Now available in her debut EP Genesis. You can listen on Itunes, spotify, google music and many more!

About the artist

“My name is Meggie York and I am a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Cincinnati, Ohio. I currently have 3 singles out as well as my first EP that I released 2/22/19. I have many more collaborations coming soon and I have been hard at work writing and recording new music! I have performed alongside Why Don't We, Ava Max, Spencer Sutherland, EBEN, Jake Miller, Logan Henderson, Alex Angelo, and more. Having over 34 thousand fans on social media has been one of the main reasons that I do what I do. If it weren't for the constant support and love from my followers, I wouldn't be where I am today. Music gives me a feeling that nothing else can and expressing myself through my voice and writing is something that is very special to me.”

The Story/Inspiration behind “Better Off” 

“I feel like lots of people have been in relationships where they stay but they know that it isn’t a good situation for them. People deal with things because they don’t believe that they can do any better, but they CAN. I hope the lyrics and video concept help people further realize that it’s okay to get out of a toxic relationship if they know it isn’t doing them any good. If someone isn’t making you feel good about yourself, then it’s not worth your time or energy. Another person shouldn’t define who you are, and if they do then you’re better off without them. “

The Experience and Process With Kodjo & His Team

So far, Kodjo and his team have been AMAZING. He has been so helpful and has really dedicated a ton of time into planning the video in order to make it a success. He has filled me in on all the little details whenever he gets them so I know exactly what is going on as well. Their level of professionalism is very impressive”


Meggie York-Better Off (Official Music Video)
Directed & Edited by Kodjo Somana
Director of Photography: Yazmin R. Daruda, Kodjo Somana
Special Thanks: Alex Ward, Natalie Wilcox (La Prima Beauty)
Behind The scenes Photo & Video: Katia Craig & Serge Somana

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“Austin Daniel-I Wanna Love You” Music Video Production

A few weeks ago, our team produced a music video for local artist Austin Daniel for his new song "I Wanna Love You" now available on Itunes, spotify, google music and more! 

 About the artist

“My name is Austin Daniel. I'm seventeen years old & I'm a country artist from the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I was exposed to all genres of music at such a young age. My grandpa was a huge fan of music, especially country. He had a huge collection of vinyl records & CDs that he would constantly be playing around his house. When he'd pick me up from school, we'd always go back to his house & have jam sessions, listening to anybody from Elvis to Johnny Cash to Dolly Parton to AC/DC. I'd say that he's the main reason why I got so into music and performing at such a young age.”

 The Story/inspiration behind  "I Wanna Love You"

“It's funny because I actually wrote "I Wanna Love You" after a break-up kind of thing that I had with this girl. We had been good friends throughout high school and even had a couple of classes together. We eventually started hanging out more. We'd go on these little dates together to breakfast or to the mall. She had even asked me to go to prom with her!  I was getting so excited because I knew, ever since we became friends, this girl was somebody that I could really see myself being with and falling in love with. As time went along, she ended up telling me that she didn't want anything except a friendship. I was really upset. But instead of writing some bashful, hardcore break-up song, I decided to write "I Wanna Love You"  a song that is about everything that I wish that I could had with this girl.”

The experience and process with Kodjo & his team

“I've known for a while now that I've wanted to work with Kodjo & his team actually. I had seen some of their past videos & projects through a friend. After checking them out, I told my manager, before we even had even written "I Wanna Love You", that I wanted to work with him! I knew it would be such an amazing experience working with them & the experience that I've had so far with Kodjo & his team has been so much more than I could ever have imagined it would be! He is such an amazing artist in so many different ways. He has had such a strong vision for what he saw with this song ("I Wanna Love You") & he has done such an amazing job at making it all come to life. He's even showed me a side of the song that I never saw before, so that was also very cool to witness throughout this whole process. He pays attention to everything that's working in the music world right now & tries to incorporate a lot of that with ideas for wardrobe, shots, storylines, etc. I've also noticed that his mind works a lot like mine! It's constantly on the go, trying to come up with different ideas or trying to plan everything out perfectly. Kodjo has already been somebody that I've felt honored to work with & is someone that I'd definitely trust and believe in to make whatever your project is come to life.”


Austin Daniel-I Wanna Love You (Official Music Video)
Directed by Kodjo Somana
Director of Photography: Yazmin R. Daruda, Kodjo Somana
Special Thanks: Mikaela Whaley, Mack's Tavern, Angel Lane, David Watkins
Behind The scenes Photo & Video: Katia Craig & Serge Somana